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Ty is a Long Island native, currently living in Nashville to pursue his career as a recording artist. Music has been an old friend to him—he picked up guitar, drums, and saxophone at nine years old, adding bass to his skillset later on. He didn't begin writing and producing until 16, but growing up so immersed in music made it easy for him to make the jump towards becoming an artist. As someone that had such an intimate relationship with music his whole life, Ty reached a point where he wanted to enable others to connect with music in the same way. Songwriting became his medium to do so.

Although Ty’s original music is predominantly pop and R&B, his experiences as a multi-instrumentalist have given him a unique background across all styles of music, including jazz and classical. Now, Ty draws inspiration from music of the 70s and 80s, along with contemporary artists like John Mayer, Daniel Caesar, and Bruno Mars. Settling at a crossroads between his influences, Ty’s sound aims to blend old soul with new pop. 

In addition to his work as a singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Ty produces music as well. He has seven self-produced singles out on all streaming platforms worldwide.

Ty's versatility as a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer is what sets him apart. Being the sole decision maker in every aspect of the creation process— from


forming the idea to mixing the final product— lets him craft a unique sound for himself. As a completely independent artist, he also enjoys the creative freedom to experiment with new sounds and take on a style that embodies who he is as an individual. He creates, performs, and records every instrument and vocal track on his music. Everything the listener hears is purely "Ty."

Please reach out to Ty via the contact form with any business inquiries, comments, or questions. He is available for hire as a live performer, music producer, session musician, or songwriter.


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